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Who is Devoted Gaming?

A Gaming Community

Devoted Gaming is small community of friends for over 10 years. Everyone is welcome. The root of our community is from hosting our own Minecraft Servers. We still play Minecraft today along with several other games. We have our own 24/7 dedicated servers for several games and are always adding more.

Minecraft Servers

Our community started with and still to this day continues to play Minecraft. We have a small network of Vanilla servers and a few modded servers on the Technic launcher platform.

Ark: Survival Evolved

A high rate PVE Ark server that is has rates tuned so you can make progress on the game without it being a second Job.

Rates: 15x Taming, 5x Exp, and 2x Gather.
Several other rates are increased. A few mods have been added. See our forums/discord to learn more about our mods/rates.


A regular Valheim server for our community. 


A Tshock based Terraria server with corruption spread disabled and server saved characters only.